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Pop Chart Lab


They’re responsive and friendly and have helped the site be the top 1%–2% of Shopify stores.– Patrick Mulligan, Pop Chart Lab

The main challenge we were asked to solve for this project was that Pop Chart Lab needed a way to display posters with finishing options. They had no on-staff technical expertise to help display products as they wanted. We developed their site on the Shopify Plus platform. Command C created a way to have a main SKU with six variants that each had their own image library associated to them. When a customer clicks into a variant, they get three new images specific to that variant. It’s a complex but helpful feature that Shopify didn’t offer. Each product has about 30–40 images, but Shopify’s program consistently pulled the wrong image for the thumbnail, so Command C fixed that.

pcl_rwd1 pcl_rwd2

Since the original build in 2012, we have worked with this client optimizing the site over time. Early on, Shopify didn’t offer a great zoom featured, so we built one for them. Now, Shopify has gotten better, but the zoom was imperative to their business because their prints are detailed and customers need to be able to see them ‘up close’.

Recently, Command C has been doing several integrations for PCL. One of which was with their new email provider. The previous provided didn’t offer the product innovation the client wanted, so Command C helped them switch to a combatable provider and had it all setup within two days.

Another feature Command C has built out is a gift guide functionality. The client can now make custom collection pages to display at the top of pages or as a banner. This is particularly helpful during the holiday season because they can have collections like “gifts for foodies,” “gifts for booklovers,” etc. They can upload a custom image to be the front icon or header across the collections.

These are just a few examples of how we’ve worked with clients to improved and optimize their site over time.

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