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We’ve seen a 20% increase in efficiency in our customer service. We’ve also seen an increase in productivity.-Tyler Clemens, Outlier

Outlier came to us needing to upgrade from Magento CE to the latest version, which at the time was 1.9.1. The core goals of the project were to maintain an identical look and feel to their current site, migrate their Moveable Type database, which houses all CMS pages, and migrate all product data, customers and order histories.

Because of the significant structural database changes between these versions, we decided that building a new platform on the latest version of Magento was the most prudent path forward. This decision enabled us to build a solid foundation and consider all required aspects in the planning and development of the overall framework while simultaneously removing any limitations posed by current extension choices.

With clean data and no extension conflicts or brute-force customizations, administrative tasks were also greatly simplified. The brand new site offered a clean slate into which we could import all of the site’s legacy data: products, customers, order histories.

The site has a plethora of features and customizations, not limited to Multi-store setup, product stock notifications, configurable bundles, and more.

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