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Heartwork is a modern office furniture company based in NYC. They came to us with designs that needed to be coded on the Shopify platform. What appears to be a clean and straightforward design is actually quite complex from a programming perspective.

Ability to Show Users More Than Three Product Variant Options
Shopify comes with a limit of three options per product. This means a product can have a size, a color and a shape, but that’s it. We wrote protocols to allow the client to specify product variants that expand into four or more product options. For example, a user might select a height, width, color and interior configuration. Invalid configurations cannot be selected.


Use of Deep-Linked Product Variants within Collections
At the template level, we use the product collection as the basis for the selection of specific product variants to appear in the collection. With each product having so many configurable options, Heartwork wanted a way to showcase specific configurations. Since each product can only live within a collection once, we created a mechanism to allow one or more variations of any product in a collection to show up on the collection page. This further opened the door for an In Stock collection page, which can be curated to only contain the variants of each product that are not made to order.

Custom Lead Time Messaging Based on Product Variant Selected and Inventory Quantities
Logic within the product and cart templates helps set user expectations for shipping by letting them know exactly what will happen when they place an order. If only two of a SKU are in stock, but the user wants three, they will be notified that two will ship with regular lead time and one will be made to order, for example. The notification happens in real time when a user selects their options and quantity on the product page.

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