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Dara Artisans

dara_fl Dara Artisans is a one-of-a-kind online store that connects artisans with the global marketplace through a discovery-oriented online shopping experience. In addition to the more traditional eCommerce experience, Dara shares artisan stories and collections in a whole new way.

This project is built as a Shopify Plus and WordPress integration – leveraging the best of both platforms to create a seamlessly integrated editorial eCommerce experience. The site utilizes extensive filtering options, fulfillment integration and a perpetual cart.

Command C continues to support Dara with ongoing maintenance.


Command C has been a great partner. They are extremely knowledgable of the Shopify platform, quick in their response and development times, and are as excited about enhancing our store as we are.  The team always takes the time to explain each project so we fully understand how everything works and have been very supportive in helping us reach our goals within some very demanding timelines.-Jenn Heinen, Dara Artisans

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