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Arccos Golf


They are the best e-commerce agency I have ever worked with, period.– Ben Heller, Director of Software Development

Arccos is taking the golf world by storm. Their mission: to change the way we think about and play golf. With this tiny device that fits into the end of your club and connects via bluetooth to an app, users can track critical performance data that can help improve their game.

We worked in tandem to our friends at Digital Surgeons to develop this highly customized and specific, one product Shopify Plus install. The site is an excellent example of how flexible Shopify can be as an ecommerce framework. As a one-product store (for now), a fair amount of development energy was focused on the purchasing workflow. The rest of the site is chock full of dynamic and interesting content to support both the community and the sales process.


A full responsive grid system houses a variety of user-experience enhancements, including full-screen image and video backgrounds, responsive embedded videos, single and multi-slide, swipeable carousels, custom-animated (and responsive) content blocks, and animated section transitions.

arccos_home_rwd_fl      arccos_menu_fl

The product purchase page features a dynamic, fullscreen image gallery and Mailchimp-integrated newsletter signup (triggered on scroll) as well as a customized header that makes it easy to find the Add to Cart button from anywhere on the product purchase page.

Checkout workflow is enhanced by the customization tools available to Shopify Plus shops. A custom design, social share of purchase and branded SSL certificate are just a few of these perks.

Utilizing Shopify’s native blog data structure, we were able to create single post and archive layouts for the future expansion of Team Arccos and the currently well-populated Press archive.

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