Technical Discovery

During our 4 week technical discovery process with Command C, we gained valuable insight into our current database technology. Through their unbiased approach and analysis, Command C uncovered many challenges and then provided a clear road-map of possible solutions to help us overcome those challenges. – Amanda Busch, NYC Bar Legal Referral Service

Choose the right tools to succeed

Are you working with the right tools for your current and future plans? We created our Technical Discovery Process to help you:

  • select the right platform(s) from the start
  • craft a plan for the project that is fully articulated up-front, lowering the chances for oversights down the line
  • shorten the timeline for implementation
  • provide the development team a clear scope of work to quote, eliminating price inflation for unknowns
  • ensure designs fit within the limitations of the chosen platform

We can also include systems recommendations as a part of the Technical Discovery Process.


Answers to questions like these should be expected as the outcome:

  • What will my minimum viable product (MVP) look like?
  • What will be the solution and integrations to solve my core problems, without over spending on assumptions before I have real, live customer data?
  • How does the solution fit within my budget and timeline?
  • Are there pieces of the project that can be phased in to get to market quickly and on budget?
  • Have I considered all stakeholder and administrator needs in the solution?
  • Does this solution create a solid foundation for my longterm business goals?
  • Have I considered the technical limitations and possibilities of all software I am choosing to align my business with?


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