We consider ourselves an extension of your team. Adding in our experts sets you up to create a growing and sustainable online shop—especially during Q4.– Sara Bacon, Founder, Command C

Sell More, Stress Less

Since 2004 we have been helping online retailers build and grow their ecommerce stores.

Our sweet spot is serving B2C & B2B brands that have $1 million – $25 million in revenue per year and a group of loyal fans. (If you expect to be in that spot soon, we can help you get there.)

We’re most passionate about companies who are:

We are also thrilled to support brave and innovative companies working in other areas.

Our design and development skills are just part of our value. Clients consistently say our strong project management sets us apart. And our ability to untangle technical jargon has also won us long-term client relationships.

Please contact us if you think we might be the right match for you.

We hire smart people

Sometimes smart people don’t all live in the same place. We’re proud of our distributed structure. Our two offices serve as collaboration spaces for our clients and us. With clients across the US, staying lean on office space often leads to more meetings at client sites.

Our home base is Brooklyn, NY. But you’ll find Command C team members throughout the eastern US in the places below.




We are a passionate team of experts focused on ecommerce.
Our many years of experience guide our technical and design decisions.

SARA: Founder

SARA: Founder

SARA: Tech Lead

TIFFANY: Tech Lead

AMANDA: Founder

AMANDA: Project Management Lead

JARED: DevOps Lead

JARED: DevOps Lead

NICOLE: Business Development Lead

NICOLE: Business Development Lead

SUSHI: Happiness Manager

SUSHI: Happiness Manager


These are the values that steer our ship

Create Joy

We find meaning through bringing joy to our clients. We craft profitable and fun to use products and services. We enjoy the work we do and are sure to laugh (at least) a little every day.

Be discerning

Joyful experiences are derived from clarity, understanding and good judgment. We select our clients, projects, and collaborators with care. We are also mindful of the daily choices we make, big and small.

Evoke craftsmanship

Our services, products and systems are crafted with skill, beauty and attention to detail.

Cultivate clarity

We strive to be as clear as possible in our communication and documentation. As humans communicating, perfect clarity may elude us. But we are eager to resolve any confusion, present and future.

Add value

We share equal respect for both the value of our client’s investment as well as our own. We stay mindful that our work must always add value to our clients’ businesses.

Stay adaptable

We continuously learn and adapt to new technology, specialties and systems. We evolve with speed, leanness and timeliness.

These are the values that steer our ship