Your Website is a Communication Ecosystem

Does your website operate as its own, self-sufficient communication ecosystem? Each component of your site (Design, Development and Content) should complement and enhance each other. Just like an ecosystem, nothing exists completely independently.┬áDesign should strengthen identity and also ensure that content remains accessible. Your content should support your key business objectives without sacrificing a friendly user experience. In this post, we’ll talk specifically about language, and the function it serves in creating an effective website. Language is a critical factor that is far too often overlooked. Being that building a solid website isn’t the most inexpensive endeavor, many business owners forego hiring a content strategist or copywriter because this seems like the easiest thing to do themselves. Why not save a couple bucks? After all, who has better knowledge of a company’s …

By: Mary Barbour
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2 New Sites Launched… Wah Pow

We recently launched this multiple language site for the Royal Shakespeare Company. The design for the site was created by the lovely folks at The Abelson Company who came to us for consulting and programming. The site needed to be Search Engine friendly and maintain a presentation-type feel. We spent some time consulting with The Abelson Co. to determine the best approach: Flash versus a combination of Javascript, HTML, CSS, and PHP. We sided with the latter due to loading time, SEO and other cross platform compatibility issues. Check it out here: The second site we designed and programmed is for I.M. Davidson, Inc, a custom jewelry company located in Manhattan’s Diamond District. Have a look here:

By: Commandc
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