Using the Right Tools

The early days of entrepreneurship are often exciting, but insanely taxing and chaotic. I admit it’s nice to be a few years in, to have some core systems in place and to have learned my lesson about the difference the right tools can make. I’ve also learned that the tools and systems I’m using today, might not be right or functional next year. So staying up-to-date on the best and latest technology has become a priority for me. One of the (many) benefits to having a coworking space has been the information share that goes on here about what tools and systems other small business owners use. The tools we employ are the foundation of our businesses. They underlie the manner in which every task gets done around here, they are the bones to …

By: Sara Bacon
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The Tools We Use

We give a lot of thought to the selection of which tools we employ. For a number of reasons, in this order: effectiveness/comprehensiveness, affordability, ease of use, the ability to integrate with other tools we use, and finally, the degree to which it makes our lives less complicated. Here is an overview of the tools we currently use to run COMMAND C. Highrise + Basecamp Both by the 37signals team, Highrise is our CRM. It allows us to manage contacts, track inquiries, set tasks, and it seemlessly integrates with sister software, Basecamp. Basecamp is what we use for project management–allowing us to share designs, milestones and messages with our team and our clients. With everything moving in the direction of web-based software, these tools are a.) gonna be around for a while …

By: Commandc
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