Recent Work

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We’re right smack in the middle of a number of really, really fun projects right now, but here’s a peak at a couple we recently squeezed out the door. Remindo is an office intranet app that allows members of a company to share messages, files, milestones, a calendar, chat, and much more. They hired us to design the logged-in interface, saying that they wanted to be the “Apple of Intranet”.  Our goal was to make all functionality easily accessible on … Read Full Article >

I Heart Sprout Wellness.

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Okay, so I spent the weekend shooting (and eating, yes eating–hold that thought) product for Sprout Wellness and OMG, I am totally in love. Sprout’s product line makes you want to get involved. Like, relationship involved. Since I’ve sworn off those things for like, ever, Sprout products are my new, perfect companion. I wasn’t lying when I said “eating” either. The body scrub, simply made of organic demerara sugar, organic extra-virgin coconut oil, and organic shredded coconut, is like a … Read Full Article >