The Web Design Process: Critiques and Edits

Critiques and editing are two absolutely essential steps of any creative process. They are also potentially the most difficult ones. Critiques—actual critiques, not just positive reinforcement—involve feelings and egos, whether they’re yours or those of someone else.  Editing requires cutting, and cutting your baby brainchild is never easy. (At least not for most of us.)  We’re closely tied to the work we produce, and accepting that it needs to change and that other people see flaws that we’re unable (or unwilling) to see is really, really hard.  Unfortunately, most of the things we produce as professional web designers (or musicians, or artists, or writers, whatever) rely on public appeal for their success or failure: it’s better to account for other points of view before, not after, you launch. So how to get …

By: lucia martinez
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