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So impressed by the incredibly successful launch of the Tom Bihn shop. We are thrilled to have Command C as a trusted Shopify partner.-Dan Eveleigh, Shopify

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New York Shopify Plus Experts

We have been working with Shopify since it launched in 2006. And we are proud to be one of a few select agencies who are official Shopify Plus partners.

Shopify is a hosted ecommerce platform, a packaged solution with quick time to market. With hosted solutions, the heavy lifting and hosting fees are included in the cost of the software.

Shopify Plus is an integrated enterprise solution with enhanced support and dedicated account management. Launched in 2014, it was built on the foundation of Shopify. Some of the attractive features of Shopify Plus include:

  • No transaction fee from Shopify
  • 7000+ CPU Cores, 99.97% Server Uptime, 200 TB Storage, 500,000 hits per minute
  • A dedicated account manager who will support you before, during, and after the launch of your store (Get insights on best practices, recommendations on apps and integrations, and updates about the evolution of Shopify.)
  • 24/7 Level 2 support via phone and email, with a dedicated Plus customer service team with faster response time
  • Fully branded experience from home page to checkout (Checkout will remain on main URL e.g. “” instead of “”.)
  • Ability to customize design and functionality of checkout
  • Ability to accept subscription billing and mix cart (subscription + single item purchase)
  • Discounts on selected applications and integrations
  • Single Sign On/Multipass API allows you to migrate user accounts to Shopify and customers can sign in using their previous email address and password
  • Sell in different currencies, languages, and regions via store clones

At Command C, we take a fit-first approach. After learning your project and goals, we can then recommend the best platform solution.

Our core Shopify services include:

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