Yo, Your Website Is Slow. And, here’s what you can do about it.

by Joshua Bolt on 0 Comments

People are spending less time on your site. According to BizReport, “Between 2008 and 2012, the average amount of time spent per website online decreased by 27 seconds from 3 minutes and 16 seconds to 2 minutes and 49 seconds.” Imagine what it is in 2014. The next question that naturally follows is what are they doing on your site for those 2-3 minutes? Are they shopping or are they waiting for it to load and load and load and … If you … Read Full Article >

Trending: Flat Design

by Joshua Bolt on 6 Comments

It’s hard telling what the future of design holds, but we can tell you the current trend in UI/UX. It’s flat design and we’re seeing elements of it popping up more and more every day on websites, mobile apps and even operating systems. Flat design places a strong emphasis on typography, solid colors, and simplistic layouts and shapes, steering clear of gradients, shading, shadows, beveled edges, reflections, dimension and texture. In flat design, you won’t see much detail or ornamentation, making … Read Full Article >

A Mobile State of Mind

by Dan Redding on 0 Comments

Typically, when a web design client discusses a new site with their awesome new team of designers, the discussion will likely include examples of desktop websites that can serve as inspiration. This will lead to mockups of the desktop appearance of the new site. We are used to focusing on the desktop experience, only considering the mobile version of the site as an afterthought. This is dangerous – the layouts will differ, and mobile sites often require top-level reconsiderations of … Read Full Article >

Sites We Love: SVPPLY

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It’s true, we love finding new websites and today we’re going to show you one that really stands out. Ladies and gentlemen, please help us welcome SVPPLY. Their unique site helps you find the products you love, from the people and stores you find interesting. They represent over 70,000 stores and brands. Let’s get to it, here’s why we love SVPPLY.     Much like Facebook, Twitter and other popular feed-focused sites, SVPPLY helps you post and discover new products. In light … Read Full Article >

Communication is Key to Successful Web Design

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We all love getting to the final result. But when working with a website development and design company, how do you get impressive final results that shine? Command C Founder, Sara Bacon, tells us it’s all about using effective communication, “We focus so heavily on communication because we’ve found it to be the number one determining factor in a successful project. If the communication isn’t happening, it’s pretty much a guaranteed problem. One of the things I love about design … Read Full Article >

WordPress Crash Course for New Users

by Dan Redding on 2 Comments

If you’re the proud owner of a shiny new WordPress site, you already know that this robust platform has a reputation for user-friendly, accessible goodness. So it’s time to kick back and enjoy a cup of joe while your site runs itself, right? Well, the truth is that your new site is every bit as user-friendly as you’ve heard, but using it will require some basic familiarity with WordPress fundamentals, image uploading, and more. Here’s a crash course to get … Read Full Article >

Non-Profit Web Design: Acumen Fund

by Mary Barbour on 0 Comments

After Hurricane Sandy tore through Brooklyn a few weeks ago, we’re more aware than ever of how much we need the helpful companies out there who are doing everything they can to help the world. This month we’re taking a look at some companies who are doing just that – and backing it up with awesome web design and UI/UX. Acumen Fund is a NYC based non-profit that has been working to combat poverty on a global scale. Their investment … Read Full Article >

Need Tech Support After Hurricane Sandy?

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No matter what people try to say about New Yorkers, residents of this city know the importance of helping each other out, especially in hard times. Hurricane Sandy tore up much of the Northeastern coastline and has left many people in need of help. I feel so inspired every time I glance at Twitter and Facebook and see the newsfeeds buzzing with info on volunteer opportunities from both individuals and big organizations. If you haven’t already, hop on Twitter and … Read Full Article >

To Redesign or Not To Redesign?

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How do you know when it’s time to redesign your site? Marketing research has shown that redesigning every 2 to 3 years is most effective, but following generic rules like that can sometimes lead you down the wrong path. After all, there’s no sense in changing your site just for the sake of change.  As Paul Scrivens says in What is Design, “Don’t redesign just to do something new, redesign because you have a better answer to the question.” It’s also important … Read Full Article >

By Design: My Role at Command C

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I’m rolling into my sixth month here at Command C, which seems like a good time to reflect on what it’s been like for me, as  a Fiction Writer, to get involved with a web design team. I’ve learned a lot these past months and been met with many perks and many  challenges (like how I’m currently resisting  the urge to use allegory and metaphor to further explain this feeling). Sara and I crossed paths through a 3rd-degree connection – … Read Full Article >