WordPress: Posts vs. Pages

by Mary Barbour on 4 Comments

Last week we outlined all the reasons why we use WordPress.  Now let’s take a look at the way WordPress works. WordPress organizes content into posts and pages. Posts are the basic structure upon which WordPress is built. Pages are static URLs. The biggest difference between posts and pages is that posts are comprised of ever-changing content; pages are not. Posts are designed to be easily shared across social media channels via commenting and other shareability plugins. Posts tend to … Read Full Article >

Interview with Tiffany, Part 3: The Road to Hell and the lowdown on RFP’s

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Today we shift focus a little bit and ask Tiffany about pitfalls she’s seen clients run into when seeking out a web developer. She talks about how to avoid “The Road to Hell” and then disses on RFP’s! Read on… Mary: What are the biggest mistakes that clients can run into when seeking out a web developer? Tiffany: In no particular order, SELF PRESCRIPTION In my opinion, this is the most dangerous kind of mistake, and one that most people … Read Full Article >

Creating an Effective Website: Content and Design

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We’ve already established that the essentials of a successful website as we see it are: design, development, and content strategy. But how does content figure into both design and development? A great website should do lots of things at once. It should look great, for sure, but it can’t be design for design’s sake. Everything in the design should have a reason beyond just looking good. Hierarchical sizing and intentional calls to action should ensure that the eye is drawn to … Read Full Article >

Meet Lucia!

by lucia martinez on 1 Comment

Hello! My name is Lucia Martinez, and you’ll be seeing a lot of me around the site in the future. I’ll be serving as Head of New Business and directing social media and communications for Command C, writing about everything from brainstorming basics to the differences between UI and UX on the blog and in the monthly newsletter. For the past six years, I’ve worked as a technical writer in the IT division of a major financial firm, learning the ins and … Read Full Article >

Calling All Badass Business Ladies:

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Our homies over at Alex & Eli are at it again, check this awesomeness: Consider yourself a weekend warrior fashionista but get totally befuddled as to how to transform your fashion forward look from brunch to boardroom? Anna Zeman and Aja Singer, the NY based design duo behind the downtown label Alex & Eli are here to help. They are now offering personal style consultations and wardrobe assessments for the businesswoman that wants to define her personal style both in … Read Full Article >

GPCW Press: The New York Observer

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Read the full article here. Spiffy New Coworking Spot Opens in Greenpoint, Comes With Adorable Dog By Adrianne Jeffries January 6, 2011 | 11:53 a.m. For the past six years, Sara Bacon had been working for herself, running her design firm COMMAND C. But working solo made her realize she missed other people. And she’s not alone in hating to work alone. According to new data from Deskwanted.com, the number of coworking spaces in the U.S. doubled in 2010 to … Read Full Article >

Welcome to the World, Baby GPCW (COMMAND C is expanding + moving!!!)

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Alright guys, here she is. Wow. This has been a craze–amazing month. Never in a million years did I anticipate this happening. But, I am so so so so so grateful and excited about it! GPCW was born out of a need to get COMMAND C out of my home and into a professional space, both for the business itself and also for my own professional development and, well, sanity. For years, I’ve struggled with the nature of working for … Read Full Article >

What Makes Something Worthwhile?

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Hiroshi Sugimoto Worthwhile: Sufficiently valuable or important to be worth one’s time, effort or interest. What makes something worthwhile? This question has been tumbling around my mouth like hard candy for the past six months. Tonguing it over from left to right cheek, slowly digesting its layers as the core of this bitter/sweet question reveals itself. What makes something worthwhile? It is no secret that death is the great equalizer. But knowledge and death have nothing in common. When it … Read Full Article >