Trending: Flat Design

by Joshua Bolt on 6 Comments

It’s hard telling what the future of design holds, but we can tell you the current trend in UI/UX. It’s flat design and we’re seeing elements of it popping up more and more every day on websites, mobile apps and even operating systems. Flat design places a strong emphasis on typography, solid colors, and simplistic layouts and shapes, steering clear of gradients, shading, shadows, beveled edges, reflections, dimension and texture. In flat design, you won’t see much detail or ornamentation, making … Read Full Article >

Font Allergies

by lucia martinez on 0 Comments

Technically these are typeface allergies.  Why?  Because fonts and typefaces are not the same thing.  Typeface refers to the design of the character, whereas font indicates the particular combination of typeface, size, and effect.  So Times New Roman is a typeface, but 12 pt. Times New Roman is a font. But basically they’re used interchangeably nowadays. The point is, whether you call it a typeface or a font, Comic Sans is nauseating.  

Top 10 Font Fetishes at the Moment

by Commandc on 3 Comments

Chronicle Okay, I am totally obsessed with this font right now. Just look at the perfect thin to thick of the “6″. Aaux Family Nice, clean, not Helvetica, slightly condensed, but not too condensed. Check. Archer A slab-serif that can still operate as a body font. Delicate and bold. Aeronaut I’m a hard sell on gothic typefaces, but this one has just the right balance of ornament and purpose. Coming Together A set of ampersands contributed by hundreds of type … Read Full Article >

House Industries Launches New Website

by Commandc on 0 Comments

House Industries just let loose on their new website design. Most living type foundaries have been in existence since the dawn of type, maybe not like Guttenberg dawn, but you catch my drift. Despite entering late in the game (1993), House has stood its ground from the get go. Not to mention, two of their key players are Tyler School of Art graduates, my MFA alma mater. Think for a second about what it means to build a website for … Read Full Article >

Broader Interests

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photo by Helen Pearson It has always been very clear to me that the reason why I do what I do, and why I love what I do is the multitude of experience inherent to the nature of design. I mean that one of my favorite aspects of the work we do is the insight into endless business ventures and ideas, other people’s aesthetics and general knowledge about things I’d have no other reason to learn or be exposed to … Read Full Article >

Letterpress Me.

by Commandc on 2 Comments

Pressed by the Brooklyn based wedded duo at Sesame Press. Now… if that’s not romance… I got in a fight not so long ago with a man from whom I was purchasing a small, SMOOTHED SURFACE, 2×3 inch gift card. When I brought it to the counter, he told me it was letterpress, to which I kindly told him, no, it was not. It escalated from there, but I don’t think it’d benefit my professional image to share with you … Read Full Article >