Communication is Key to Successful Web Design

by Joshua Bolt on 0 Comments

We all love getting to the final result. But when working with a website development and design company, how do you get impressive final results that shine? Command C Founder, Sara Bacon, tells us it’s all about using effective communication, “We focus so heavily on communication because we’ve found it to be the number one determining factor in a successful project. If the communication isn’t happening, it’s pretty much a guaranteed problem. One of the things I love about design … Read Full Article >

SEO is Science, Not Magic

by Dan Redding on 2 Comments

Search engine optimization can be an esoteric, mysterious subject for the average website owner, but the fundamentals of SEO are not wizardry. On the contrary, it’s easy to learn the basics or even learn to make site improvements on your own. While reputable SEO companies are certainly capable of delivering results, the industry is also home to snake oil salesmen that use ‘black hat’ SEO methods or exploit the public’s naïveté on the subject. That’s why demystifying SEO in layman’s … Read Full Article >

Non-Profit Web Design: Acumen Fund

by Mary Barbour on 0 Comments

After Hurricane Sandy tore through Brooklyn a few weeks ago, we’re more aware than ever of how much we need the helpful companies out there who are doing everything they can to help the world. This month we’re taking a look at some companies who are doing just that – and backing it up with awesome web design and UI/UX. Acumen Fund is a NYC based non-profit that has been working to combat poverty on a global scale. Their investment … Read Full Article >

Need Tech Support After Hurricane Sandy?

by Mary Barbour on 0 Comments

No matter what people try to say about New Yorkers, residents of this city know the importance of helping each other out, especially in hard times. Hurricane Sandy tore up much of the Northeastern coastline and has left many people in need of help. I feel so inspired every time I glance at Twitter and Facebook and see the newsfeeds buzzing with info on volunteer opportunities from both individuals and big organizations. If you haven’t already, hop on Twitter and … Read Full Article >

Engaging a Design Firm: Step by Step

by Mary Barbour on 0 Comments

We hear a lot of stories from people who have searched and searched for a design firm to work with, only to end up having a crap experience that leaves them disappointed.  We want to save you the time and money wasted in this process by clarifying what exactly is important to look for in a designer and how to make sure you find a client/designer relationship that really works. Step 1: Don’t jump into a relationship too soon. This … Read Full Article >

Sites We’re Itching to Redesign: The Olympic Ticketing Website

by Mary Barbour on 0 Comments

We’re well into the 2012 Summer Olympics and the internet is buzzing with up-to-the-second reports on everything from fashion to bottle throwing incidents. One thing that has caught a lot of slack on Twitter is the design fail of the Olympic Ticketing Website. Nick Donnelly already posted a play-by-play of his hellish ticket purchasing experience, so we will spare you the gory details and touch on a few basic things the site designers could have done to spare their users a whole … Read Full Article >

UI vs. UX: What’s the Difference?

by Mary Barbour on 1 Comment

Although the terms UI and UX do have some overlap, it’s important to understand why they are not the same thing. Yes, they both start with the letter “U.” And yes, both disciplines involve some of the same skill sets. But despite their similarities, the fields are substantially different in objective and scope – and both are incredibly important to the presentation of your product or service on the web. User Interface is the part of the product that faces … Read Full Article >


by lucia martinez on 3 Comments

It’s kind of a glorious thing, being an independent creative.  No one to report to, no one to monitor, no other opinions to consider, just you and, if you’re lucky, the client.  This is great if your business is as specific as your talent: you devise logos, or make letterpress stationery, or code sites. For web designers, things can get a bit stickier. There’s a very real possibility that as your business expands and your client list grows, you’ll be … Read Full Article >

Recruiting New Clients: Do’s and Don’ts

by lucia martinez on 3 Comments

As Head of New Business, reaching out to prospective clients is (duh) a major part of my job description.  For a boutique web design firm like Command C, mass generic emails just aren’t part of the game plan, ever.  There’s a lot of preliminary research involved on this end since we’re pretty picky about our clients—I like to get a feel for their communication style and what their businesses entail before making contact.  This kills two birds with one stone: … Read Full Article >

Networking Basics (And Then Some)

by lucia martinez on 1 Comment

Networking is my personal nightmare.  There’s something about putting yourself forward, about self-promotion, that really makes me uncomfortable.  What if you’re annoying?  Too pushy?  What if the other person is just listening politely and can’t wait to get out of there?  What if everybody hates you? Bad news first: if you want to make it in web design–or in almost any field–you’re going to have to network.  The more competition you have, the harder you’ll have to do it.  Yes, … Read Full Article >