Command C Founder, Sara Bacon, Featured in Go Magazine’s “100 Women We Love”!

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GO Magazine just released this year’s “100 Women We Love,” featuring a diverse group of out entertainers, artists, athletes, activists, business principals and elected officials – and our Creative Director, Sara Bacon, is among the superstars on this list!  These are women whose achievements and contributions shape lives and elevate the status of out women in the world . They’re working to raise LGBT awareness, increase visibility and quicken our progress toward a just society. Congrats to Sara for being … Read Full Article >

The Best of Both Worlds – Making Business and Coworking, Work: My interview with Loosecubes

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Checkout my interview with Loosecubes, original post can be found here. Sara Bacon, Founder of Greenpoint Coworking (GPCW), had been working at home for 7 years before she decided it was time to do something about her isolation. As the founder of her own design firm, she identified with the coworking community’s values and philosophies, and decided to marry the two by creating both a coworking space and new home for her business. I had the pleasure of coworking at … Read Full Article >

Small Tease: Design for Obama: Posters for Change, A Grassroots Anthology

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So here’s anxiously anticipated cover for the soon to be released, Design for Obama: Posters for Change, A Grassroots Anthology that our Probama Nation poster will be a part of. We know this is next to impossible, but just in case you may have possibly, oddly, freakishly, forgotten our poster, here’s a refresher: It was campaigns like Design for Obama that contributed to Obama’s road to the White House being so advertorially historical. The Obama campaign was recently awarded top … Read Full Article >

Tattoo Design Published in Inked Magazine

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… cause when we say “Custom,” we mean CUS-TOM: for you, and only you. collaboration and body by: Cherry Bomb photography by: Brooke Nipar styling by: Risa Night and Ariane Dallal

GO Magazine Press

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Read the whole article online here. Sara Bacon Founder & President COMMAND C design + photography Whether it was Alice’s run-in with an obsessively punctual hare or Watership Down’s infamous showdown between Bigwig and General Woundwort that inspired Sara Bacon to develop a childhood obsession with rabbits, one thing is clear: the fixation continues. Peruse the website for COMMAND C design + photography (, Bacon’s female-run graphic design firm, and the silhouette of a bunny hops along for the aesthetically … Read Full Article >