Recent Work

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We’re right smack in the middle of a number of really, really fun projects right now, but here’s a peak at a couple we recently squeezed out the door. Remindo is an office intranet app that allows members of a company to share messages, files, milestones, a calendar, chat, and much more. They hired us to design the logged-in interface, saying that they wanted to be the “Apple of Intranet”.  Our goal was to make all functionality easily accessible on … Read Full Article >

Why My MFA in Photography Makes Me a Great Web Designer

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Okay, I’m not really that cocky, but I think I have a good case for this. People ask me all the time what sort of degree I earned that got me to where I am as a designer. They are often shocked that my response is an MFA in Photography. But to me, web design made perfect sense as the next logical step because a.) I wanted to actually make money and b.) I was pretty sure that what I … Read Full Article >

I Heart Sprout Wellness.

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Okay, so I spent the weekend shooting (and eating, yes eating–hold that thought) product for Sprout Wellness and OMG, I am totally in love. Sprout’s product line makes you want to get involved. Like, relationship involved. Since I’ve sworn off those things for like, ever, Sprout products are my new, perfect companion. I wasn’t lying when I said “eating” either. The body scrub, simply made of organic demerara sugar, organic extra-virgin coconut oil, and organic shredded coconut, is like a … Read Full Article >

Haunted @ The Guggenheim

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Museums are like churches for me. Each time I find myself in one, I have some sort of spiritual, other-worldly experience. I feel the presence of something much larger than myself, an energy I can’t quite describe, but feel. I feel safe in there, I feel contained and free simultaneously, it’s a space where inspiration and my insides meet one another, connection. Last week I took myself to the Guggenheim to check out the current exhibition: Haunted: Contemporary Photography/Video/Performance. The … Read Full Article >

Makin’ Babies.

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… or somethin’ like that. We’ve been hard at work this spring, here’s a lil’ snipet of what we’ve been up to: Logo + website design for CareerPortrait: Design + development of website for writer/blogger Jessica Valenti: Logo design/business cards for WithStyle: Logo design for Jeff Brody Injury Law: Design + development of website for Reiff Insurance: Logo design for Cardenphi Fashion: Photoshoot for furniture designer Pete Oyler: We make it look easy, don’t we?

Passionately Detached: William Eggleston at The Whitney

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The Whitney and I have a longstanding intellect-emotional history; it was within her domain that my mother and I stumbled across the Joseph Albers piece that now lives permanently replicated on my left arm. It was there that the ache of Kara Walker (the show was called My Compliment, My Enemy, My Oppressor, My Love) echoed the glorious pain of a previous relationship. As her and I cut tenderly from room to room, we held each other with a grip … Read Full Article >

Broader Interests

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photo by Helen Pearson It has always been very clear to me that the reason why I do what I do, and why I love what I do is the multitude of experience inherent to the nature of design. I mean that one of my favorite aspects of the work we do is the insight into endless business ventures and ideas, other people’s aesthetics and general knowledge about things I’d have no other reason to learn or be exposed to … Read Full Article >

Delicious Imposter: The Nature of Design

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Sometimes, when I go through something really big emotionally, I am able to enter this bare bones state of mind. It’s a state where all developed social mechanisms fall away, it’s almost euphoric except that it’s excruciating, but most of all it’s sort of dreamlike, lofty, cloudy but clear and raw. When in this state, it’s like I have easier access to truth and perspective. I don’t know, maybe it’s just shock. Anyhow, I happen to be in one of … Read Full Article >

this is what forgotten looks like…

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The current state of New Orleans is upsetting and disheartening, though the soul and sheer beauty of its land and people somehow manage to survive in essence. There were several particular ideas and feelings that permeated all of my experiences there: Emptiness, Forgottenness, Loneliness, Desperation, Overt Racism/Classism, Not Being Taken Care of By Those Who Are Supposed to Be Taking Care of You (ahem, our government), Soul, Beauty in the In Betweens. Here, let pictures speak louder than words… this … Read Full Article >

2 New Sites Launched and Some Other News…

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We’ve been too busy to blog. In the past two weeks, we’ve launched 2 new sites, had 3 photoshoots, created several new logos, and traveled to New Orleans. Check out the evidence: ••••••••••••••••••• In other news, go check out the current exhibition at the ICP. It’s a fascinating historic exploration of the merging of photography and design. The multi-tiered show examines the roles both mediums played in wartime propaganda, in many cases being the only public images/news available. … Read Full Article >