Communication is Key to Successful Web Design

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We all love getting to the final result. But when working with a website development and design company, how do you get impressive final results that shine? Command C Founder, Sara Bacon, tells us it’s all about using effective communication, “We focus so heavily on communication because we’ve found it to be the number one determining factor in a successful project. If the communication isn’t happening, it’s pretty much a guaranteed problem. One of the things I love about design … Read Full Article >

By Design: My Role at Command C

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I’m rolling into my sixth month here at Command C, which seems like a good time to reflect on what it’s been like for me, as  a Fiction Writer, to get involved with a web design team. I’ve learned a lot these past months and been met with many perks and many  challenges (like how I’m currently resisting  the urge to use allegory and metaphor to further explain this feeling). Sara and I crossed paths through a 3rd-degree connection – … Read Full Article >

Interview with Tiffany, Part 4: Advice to Companies Seeking a Web Designer and What to Love About Web Design

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And for the last piece in our Interview with Tiffany series, we pick her brain for some insider advice on what to do and what to avoid in your hunt for a Web Designer.  She also gives us a little insight into her own loves and hates about the job…. Me: What advice would you give someone who is trying to find the right web design firm? Tiffany: Again, in no particular order: PROCESS Look for a firm with a … Read Full Article >

Interview with Tiffany, Part 3: The Road to Hell and the lowdown on RFP’s

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Today we shift focus a little bit and ask Tiffany about pitfalls she’s seen clients run into when seeking out a web developer. She talks about how to avoid “The Road to Hell” and then disses on RFP’s! Read on… Mary: What are the biggest mistakes that clients can run into when seeking out a web developer? Tiffany: In no particular order, SELF PRESCRIPTION In my opinion, this is the most dangerous kind of mistake, and one that most people … Read Full Article >

Interview with Tiffany, Part 2: Yes. (As opposed to Yes! or Yes?)

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Today we find out which designers our Lead Developer, Tiffany, admires and what is so special about them.  She also accomplishes the daunting task of describing her philosophy on web design with ONE single word.  (Fellow designers, what would YOUR motto be?)   Mary: Which other designers do you really admire?  What types of things draw you to their work?   Tiffany:  Here are just a few, big guys and small guys. Just about everything Happy Cog puts out is … Read Full Article >