New Virgin America Website Takes Flight

by Joshua Bolt on 2 Comments

Virgin America just took a huge, bold step in the world of web design. Their new site offers a brand new approach to online booking with full responsivity: the site works seamlessly across desktop, tablet and mobile devices. Online shoppers are looking for simple, straight-forward experiences. Long gone are the days of fine print in footers and pages upon pages of checkout steps. Multitasking as they fumble to cash out is a huge barrier to entry. Virgin America has both … Read Full Article >

Custom Lettering by Olga Vasik

by Sara Bacon on 2 Comments

This week, the coworking office that we own and operate, Greenpoint Coworking, got letterered. Pretty beautiful stuff by the lovely Olga Vasik. See the finished product and then how it all went down below.

Sites We Love: SVPPLY

by Joshua Bolt on 0 Comments

It’s true, we love finding new websites and today we’re going to show you one that really stands out. Ladies and gentlemen, please help us welcome SVPPLY. Their unique site helps you find the products you love, from the people and stores you find interesting. They represent over 70,000 stores and brands. Let’s get to it, here’s why we love SVPPLY.     Much like Facebook, Twitter and other popular feed-focused sites, SVPPLY helps you post and discover new products. In light … Read Full Article >

Non-Profit Web Design: Acumen Fund

by Mary Barbour on 0 Comments

After Hurricane Sandy tore through Brooklyn a few weeks ago, we’re more aware than ever of how much we need the helpful companies out there who are doing everything they can to help the world. This month we’re taking a look at some companies who are doing just that – and backing it up with awesome web design and UI/UX. Acumen Fund is a NYC based non-profit that has been working to combat poverty on a global scale. Their investment … Read Full Article >

To Redesign or Not To Redesign?

by Mary Barbour on 0 Comments

How do you know when it’s time to redesign your site? Marketing research has shown that redesigning every 2 to 3 years is most effective, but following generic rules like that can sometimes lead you down the wrong path. After all, there’s no sense in changing your site just for the sake of change.  As Paul Scrivens says in What is Design, “Don’t redesign just to do something new, redesign because you have a better answer to the question.” It’s also important … Read Full Article >

By Design: My Role at Command C

by Mary Barbour on 0 Comments

I’m rolling into my sixth month here at Command C, which seems like a good time to reflect on what it’s been like for me, as  a Fiction Writer, to get involved with a web design team. I’ve learned a lot these past months and been met with many perks and many  challenges (like how I’m currently resisting  the urge to use allegory and metaphor to further explain this feeling). Sara and I crossed paths through a 3rd-degree connection – … Read Full Article >

Engaging a Design Firm: Step by Step

by Mary Barbour on 0 Comments

We hear a lot of stories from people who have searched and searched for a design firm to work with, only to end up having a crap experience that leaves them disappointed.  We want to save you the time and money wasted in this process by clarifying what exactly is important to look for in a designer and how to make sure you find a client/designer relationship that really works. Step 1: Don’t jump into a relationship too soon. This … Read Full Article >

Sites We’re Itching to Redesign: The Olympic Ticketing Website

by Mary Barbour on 0 Comments

We’re well into the 2012 Summer Olympics and the internet is buzzing with up-to-the-second reports on everything from fashion to bottle throwing incidents. One thing that has caught a lot of slack on Twitter is the design fail of the Olympic Ticketing Website. Nick Donnelly already posted a play-by-play of his hellish ticket purchasing experience, so we will spare you the gory details and touch on a few basic things the site designers could have done to spare their users a whole … Read Full Article >

Case Study: Just Salad

by lucia martinez on 0 Comments

When Just Salad came to Command C for a full redesign, their site needed some updating and cohesion. Based on an old-school computer game feel, it was cute and kitschy, but distractingly busy in concentrated areas, leaving a lot of dead visual space. Our first major revision was to make the site responsive, so it would translate well to mobile browsers and focus on the essentials for those users: menus, orders, locations. The mobile view also leverages geolocating and Google … Read Full Article >

Responsive Web Design 102

by lucia martinez on 1 Comment

Last week we touched on the very basic basics of responsive web design, i.e. what exactly it is and why you probably want it for your site.  Now let’s go over what it involves. Responsive web design isn’t just about changing the display size of a page, since that would do nothing to facilitate user experience (UX) on mobile platforms.  Responsive design’s most important element is the design, not just development or building.  The information on the page has to … Read Full Article >