Top Reasons for Cart Abandonment, #8: Lack of Support

by Joshua Bolt on 0 Comments

Have you ever found yourself with a question about an item while shopping in a department store stocked wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling with inventory? You look down one aisle – no one to help. Within a few minutes you decide to set the item down and walk out the door because you cannot find the timely help that you need. This is a frustrating experience and it causes many stores to lose business, both offline and online. While you may think that … Read Full Article >

Non-Profit Web Design: Acumen Fund

by Mary Barbour on 0 Comments

After Hurricane Sandy tore through Brooklyn a few weeks ago, we’re more aware than ever of how much we need the helpful companies out there who are doing everything they can to help the world. This month we’re taking a look at some companies who are doing just that – and backing it up with awesome web design and UI/UX. Acumen Fund is a NYC based non-profit that has been working to combat poverty on a global scale. Their investment … Read Full Article >

Your Website is a Communication Ecosystem

by Mary Barbour on 0 Comments

Does your website operate as its own, self-sufficient communication ecosystem? Each component of your site (Design, Development and Content) should complement and enhance each other. Just like an ecosystem, nothing exists completely independently. Design should strengthen identity and also ensure that content remains accessible. Your content should support your key business objectives without sacrificing a friendly user experience. In this post, we’ll talk specifically about language, and the function it serves in creating an effective website. Language is a critical factor … Read Full Article >

Creating an Effective Website: Content and Design

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We’ve already established that the essentials of a successful website as we see it are: design, development, and content strategy. But how does content figure into both design and development? A great website should do lots of things at once. It should look great, for sure, but it can’t be design for design’s sake. Everything in the design should have a reason beyond just looking good. Hierarchical sizing and intentional calls to action should ensure that the eye is drawn to … Read Full Article >

Three Essentials for a Successful Website: Design, Development, and Content Strategy

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Our philosophy holds that there are three components of a well-designed website: Design, Development, and Content Strategy. When assembled well, these three components will all work in perfect harmony, each one supporting the function of the other two. Design is the actual look and layout of your site. What colors will you use? Will you have pictures or just text? Does your company want a young, playful image, or a serious, professional look?  The Design aspect encompasses all of your … Read Full Article >

Content Strategy: What is it and why should I care about it?

by Mary Barbour on 2 Comments

Lots of books have been written on Content Strategy and its growing role in helping to achieve business goals.  Perhaps you’ve read a few of them, or all of them, or even wrote one of them yourself!  Or maybe you’ve heard the phrase tossed around quite a bit but aren’t exactly sure what it means or why it’s so important.  Here’s our take on it. In short, Content Strategy is the planning, development and management of informational content.  You have … Read Full Article >