Benefits of Retainer Agreements

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A retainer agreement is an arrangement where the client agrees to pay in advance for a specific amount of hours to be allocated to a project. There are many benefits of retainer agreements, and below we’ve outlined some of the specifics when working with us in this capacity. Clear Communication First and foremost, we believe communication is key to any successful project. To guarantee streamlined support, each retainer client has a dedicated project manager committed to the project. The project … Read Full Article >

Top Reasons for Cart Abandonment, #6: “When will I receive my item?”

by Joshua Bolt on 0 Comments sellers know that their seller rating depends on how well they communicate the shipment of their products. Their seller score can quickly drop if they fail to add tracking information to their sales. We encourage all shop owners to have a system in place to keep your customers well informed and, well; you’ll keep your customers. Be sure to indicate to your buyer the estimated time of product arrival as soon as you possibly can. Each one of us … Read Full Article >

Top Reasons for Cart Abandonment #5: Not Utilizing a Perpetual Cart

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Losing people at checkout is one issue that we’ve discussed, but losing people before they get to the “register” is a huge hazard in the online marketplace. Unlike in your favorite grocery store, online shoppers are more likely to fill their cart and never checkout. This tip will help you close the deal. For many of us, spotting the finish line is truly motivating. If you are a runner than you know exactly what I mean. Both monitoring how you … Read Full Article >

Top Reasons for Cart Abandonment #4: Unpredictable Shipping Costs

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The checkout process is a system that needs to be perfected in order keep customers on board during payment. Shipping plays a huge role in this too, so we’re going more into detail to better inform you of the problems and solutions of some frustrating cart abandonment situations. Socks. Socks are something we hardly purchase for ourselves but when it comes time to buy them you want the process over quickly and easily. I recently wanted to purchase a pair … Read Full Article >

The Base of Our Camp

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We’ve lightly touched on the tools we use here at Command C, but I’d like to go further in depth about Basecamp, our project-management system. This online resource was developed and launched in 2004 by 37signals, a privately held web application company based in Chicago. Because communicating with our clients is what we place the most emphasis on externally, communicating amongst our team internally must be just as important. Basecamp helps Command C keep both our team and our clients … Read Full Article >

Sites We Love: SVPPLY

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It’s true, we love finding new websites and today we’re going to show you one that really stands out. Ladies and gentlemen, please help us welcome SVPPLY. Their unique site helps you find the products you love, from the people and stores you find interesting. They represent over 70,000 stores and brands. Let’s get to it, here’s why we love SVPPLY.     Much like Facebook, Twitter and other popular feed-focused sites, SVPPLY helps you post and discover new products. In light … Read Full Article >

Communication is Key to Successful Web Design

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We all love getting to the final result. But when working with a website development and design company, how do you get impressive final results that shine? Command C Founder, Sara Bacon, tells us it’s all about using effective communication, “We focus so heavily on communication because we’ve found it to be the number one determining factor in a successful project. If the communication isn’t happening, it’s pretty much a guaranteed problem. One of the things I love about design … Read Full Article >

Interview with Tiffany, Part 1: Why Web Design??

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This week, our blog will focus on Tiffany, Command C’s Lead Developer. I got the chance to ask her about her interest in web design, pros and cons of the job, and even got some insider’s info on what to look for in a web design team. Read on for entertainment and enlightenment! Mary: How did you become interested in web design? Tiffany:  There was restlessness in The Force at the turn of the century. Though there were still oceans of … Read Full Article >

Harnessing the Power

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Here’s what’s cool. We’re experiencing a major shift in the world of web design. I have no way to measure or convince you of this other than expressing that my deep entrenchment in this world over the past eight years grants me permission to tell you that I can just feel it. Computer science is no longer a mysterious and secretive art, practiced and understood only by tech wizards.  Evolving structures of business and the tendency toward self-sufficiency has encouraged … Read Full Article >