Custom Lettering by Olga Vasik

by Sara Bacon on 2 Comments

This week, the coworking office that we own and operate, Greenpoint Coworking, got letterered. Pretty beautiful stuff by the lovely Olga Vasik. See the finished product and then how it all went down below.

Trending: Flat Design

by Joshua Bolt on 6 Comments

It’s hard telling what the future of design holds, but we can tell you the current trend in UI/UX. It’s flat design and we’re seeing elements of it popping up more and more every day on websites, mobile apps and even operating systems. Flat design places a strong emphasis on typography, solid colors, and simplistic layouts and shapes, steering clear of gradients, shading, shadows, beveled edges, reflections, dimension and texture. In flat design, you won’t see much detail or ornamentation, making … Read Full Article >

Shopify POS System Released

by Joshua Bolt on 2 Comments

Have you heard the news? Shopify, one of our favorite eCommerce solutions, has released their very own POS system. As their promo video states, “it’s the first iPad point-of-sale system designed to let you sell in-store and online using the Shopify platform”. So what does this mean for retailers that run their web shop through Shopify and are looking to accept customer payment in-person? Well, if Shopify walks their talk, it means these retailers can avoid a whole separate platform … Read Full Article >

Anatomy of a Responsive Website

by Dan Redding on 0 Comments

You’ve likely heard us preaching about responsive web design in recent months, so you already know what it is and why it’s a must-have for your business. Now it’s time to get down to brass tacks by taking a peek under the hood of a responsive website. Let’s analyze the website of vodka purveyor Grey Goose. The site is ideal for our critique because it’s a business website and it’s got a variety of responsive design elements. Here are a … Read Full Article >

WordPress: Beyond Words

by Dan Redding on 0 Comments

WordPress is best known for its awesome capabilities with text – it’s right there in the name. It’s true that WordPress is a flexible content management system (CMS) that’s home to magazines, blogs, and news sites galore (see TechCrunch, CNN Political Ticker, Variety, Anderson Cooper 360). But don’t let that reputation fool you. This robust CMS is much more than a blogging platform. Here is a look at some sites that use WordPress for more than just the written word. … Read Full Article >

A Mobile State of Mind

by Dan Redding on 0 Comments

Typically, when a web design client discusses a new site with their awesome new team of designers, the discussion will likely include examples of desktop websites that can serve as inspiration. This will lead to mockups of the desktop appearance of the new site. We are used to focusing on the desktop experience, only considering the mobile version of the site as an afterthought. This is dangerous – the layouts will differ, and mobile sites often require top-level reconsiderations of … Read Full Article >

The Base of Our Camp

by Joshua Bolt on 0 Comments

We’ve lightly touched on the tools we use here at Command C, but I’d like to go further in depth about Basecamp, our project-management system. This online resource was developed and launched in 2004 by 37signals, a privately held web application company based in Chicago. Because communicating with our clients is what we place the most emphasis on externally, communicating amongst our team internally must be just as important. Basecamp helps Command C keep both our team and our clients … Read Full Article >

To Social Button or Not to Social Button

by Dan Redding on 0 Comments

Most savvy website owners were quick to adopt social sharing when the ‘Web 2.0’ and its ensuing horde of social media services crowded the digital horizon roughly a decade ago. That’s a good thing; the way we have embraced content sharing has made the web what it is today. The downside is that in 2013, many websites have a slew of social media buttons lazily pasted on by default; some features, like the ubiquitous ShareThis toolbar, are overbearing (including dozens … Read Full Article >

Why Your Business Needs Responsive Design

by Dan Redding on 4 Comments

As we’ve all heard by now, responsive web design is the strategy that contends that a website should respond to the user’s device, platform, and screen size. If you’ve read our articles Responsive Design 101 and 102, you already know that a responsive website will conform beautifully to your desktop computer, your iPhone, or any other gadget that you or the folks at Apple can dream up. What you may not know is this: a responsive website is a necessity … Read Full Article >