On Leadership

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It’s been a while. I used to write and manage this blog entirely on my own, and then we got too busy and hired other people to write it for us. Beyond the fact that I had approximately zero time (or brain space) to sit down and write, I also thought it would be interesting to hear from some other voices in the company, to get a little more focused on the specifics of what we do and what we … Read Full Article >

New Virgin America Website Takes Flight

by Joshua Bolt on 2 Comments

Virgin America just took a huge, bold step in the world of web design. Their new site offers a brand new approach to online booking with full responsivity: the site works seamlessly across desktop, tablet and mobile devices. Online shoppers are looking for simple, straight-forward experiences. Long gone are the days of fine print in footers and pages upon pages of checkout steps. Multitasking as they fumble to cash out is a huge barrier to entry. Virgin America has both … Read Full Article >

Responsive vs. Adaptive Web Design

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I think we can all pretty much agree that making sure your site is fully optimized for mobile devices is industry standard at this point. But within that statement, there are a couple of approaches to making this happen. We’ve been fielding a lot of questions about the difference between adaptive and responsive web design recently. So, this in this post I’ll attempt to demystify the two a bit. Responsive Web Design The greatest advantage to a responsive design is … Read Full Article >

Top Reasons for Cart Abandonment, #8: Lack of Support

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Have you ever found yourself with a question about an item while shopping in a department store stocked wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling with inventory? You look down one aisle – no one to help. Within a few minutes you decide to set the item down and walk out the door because you cannot find the timely help that you need. This is a frustrating experience and it causes many stores to lose business, both offline and online. While you may think that … Read Full Article >

Yo, Your Website Is Slow. And, here’s what you can do about it.

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It’s not news that people are spending less time than ever on websites these days. The big question you should have about visitors on your site is are they browsing or are they waiting for it to load and load and load and … If you experiencing increasingly slow load times for your website, what are ways that your site can be sped up so your visitors can have a pleasant experience? Here are a few common issues and simple … Read Full Article >

Top Reasons for Cart Abandonment, #7: Lack of Trust in Seller

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If you’ve ever joined hands with someone and tried to keep steps to a song than you know exactly what “It takes two to tango” means. Not only do you have to be confident in taking the next step, but also you need to trust that your partner will do the same in stride. The same idea translates into the buyer and seller relationship at checkout. As a seller, it is critical to confidently lead your seller to take his or her … Read Full Article >

Benefits of Retainer Agreements

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A retainer agreement is an arrangement where the client agrees to pay in advance for a specific amount of hours to be allocated to a project. There are many benefits of retainer agreements, and below we’ve outlined some of the specifics when working with us in this capacity. Clear Communication First and foremost, we believe communication is key to any successful project. To guarantee streamlined support, each retainer client has a dedicated project manager committed to the project. The project … Read Full Article >

Top Reasons for Cart Abandonment, #6: “When will I receive my item?”

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Amazon.com sellers know that their seller rating depends on how well they communicate the shipment of their products. Their seller score can quickly drop if they fail to add tracking information to their sales. We encourage all shop owners to have a system in place to keep your customers well informed and, well; you’ll keep your customers. Be sure to indicate to your buyer the estimated time of product arrival as soon as you possibly can. Each one of us … Read Full Article >

Top Reasons for Cart Abandonment #5: Not Utilizing a Perpetual Cart

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Losing people at checkout is one issue that we’ve discussed, but losing people before they get to the “register” is a huge hazard in the online marketplace. Unlike in your favorite grocery store, online shoppers are more likely to fill their cart and never checkout. This tip will help you close the deal. For many of us, spotting the finish line is truly motivating. If you are a runner than you know exactly what I mean. Both monitoring how you … Read Full Article >