Why You Need a Web Design Budget

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The process of building a website is pretty much identical to that of building a house. It’s a significant undertaking that needs diligent planning, a clear breakdown of phases and a boatload of mindfulness. You want to work with a firm you trust, you need a plan that guides you, and if you’re wise, you’ll factor in your environment. The hard fact is that the questions you’ll be faced with are predominantly going to be answered by the amount of … Read Full Article >

Tons of New Custom Web Design and Development Work.

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Umm, I just realized I have a massive amount of new work that hasn’t been posted. I guess we’ve been busy. Here’s a recap of what we’ve been working on. JOIN BKLYN This site one of the most exciting projects we’ve ever been a part of. We built out the backend using a Drupal CMS that allows the client to update all of their own content, it was designed by Join BKLYN. The website is pretty revolutionary and one of … Read Full Article >

The Right Time to Redesign

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People ask me all the time how to know when the timing is right for a redesign. Throughout the years, I’ve noticed a few common denominators that can be used as a litmus to know when the timing is right to redesign your website. 1. Your target audience has changed. Businesses evolve. Or at least they should. Often times a few years go by and our audience changes. Your website should be consistent with who you’re marketing towards. 2. Your … Read Full Article >

Why My MFA in Photography Makes Me a Great Web Designer

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Okay, I’m not really that cocky, but I think I have a good case for this. People ask me all the time what sort of degree I earned that got me to where I am as a designer. They are often shocked that my response is an MFA in Photography. But to me, web design made perfect sense as the next logical step because a.) I wanted to actually make money and b.) I was pretty sure that what I … Read Full Article >

Calling All Badass Business Ladies:

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Our homies over at Alex & Eli are at it again, check this awesomeness: Consider yourself a weekend warrior fashionista but get totally befuddled as to how to transform your fashion forward look from brunch to boardroom? Anna Zeman and Aja Singer, the NY based design duo behind the downtown label Alex & Eli are here to help. They are now offering personal style consultations and wardrobe assessments for the businesswoman that wants to define her personal style both in … Read Full Article >

Avoiding a Web Design Nightmare

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Don’t tell me, you had terrible experience with your last web designer, they left you high and dry, they didn’t do what you asked, you thought you were on the same page, but low and behold you weren’t. I know. You finally got through the process and your site is up and running. I bet you fifty bucks you don’t have enough traffic. You are not alone. I can tell you why. There’s a HUGE margin for error in web … Read Full Article >

Custom Magento, Custom WordPress, Custom Everything: Latest Projects

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One of my most favorite aspects of my job is that I get to immerse myself in so many different kinds of projects and industries. In the last month or so we’ve launched a bunch of projects that really run the gamut. Above is a homepage redesign we did for our pals over at Alex & Eli in honor of their new spring collection which we also added to their site. Check out their press section–this guys are totally blowing … Read Full Article >

Finding The Right Designer.

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If I had a dollar for every inquiry that came with a horror story of previous designer experience, I’d be, you know… Seriously, it’s way, way, way too common that clients have bad experiences with their first, second and third designers. A lot of money and time is wasted, and a lot of needless distrust is created. I hope this post can demystify that experience a bit, clarify what to look for in a designer, and Lord Jesus save one … Read Full Article >

What Makes an Excellent Small Business Website?

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What are the qualities of an effective website for small businesses? I’ve been asking myself this question every day for the past seven years. Here’s what I know separates the good from the bad: 1. 3 F’s: Form Follows Function. Look, I’m a designer. I’m all about smart, timeless design. But let’s be real clear about one thing, unless you do what I do, you’re not selling design. You are selling your product or service, so that thing–whatever it may … Read Full Article >

Getting Audited. AKA: Why to do Your Books the Right Way.

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Most entrepreneurs go into business for themselves because they are good at something, they have a skill or talent they think they can do better than the next Joe. So they decide to open up shop thinking they’re going to live out the rest of their days doing the thing they love. If you’re anything like me or any other entrepreneur I’ve ever spoken to, you’ll soon find that you probably spend about 10% of your time doing that thing … Read Full Article >