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The Base of Our Camp

By: Joshua Bolt

BasecampWe’ve lightly touched on the tools we use here at Command C, but I’d like to go further in depth about Basecamp, our project-management system. This online resource was developed and launched in 2004 by 37signals, a privately held web application company based in Chicago. Because communicating with our clients is what we place the most emphasis on externally, communicating amongst our team internally must be just as important. Basecamp helps Command C keep both our team and our clients in the know at all times.

Organized on a project-by-project basis, Basecamp keeps everything organized and everyone on the same page. Each member of our team has a profile. When they log in, they can see assigned tasks and collaborate with other members of the team. While email communication will never become extinct (nor do we want it to), with Basecamp, digging through emails and contacts is a thing of the past.

Loop the people in that matter to the project most. Share documents, designs, files, photos and more with Basecamp’s easy drag-an-drop tool. In text docs, brainstorming works! While you write, your team members can provide feedback in real-time. Everything is constantly autosaved, so we never worry about losing anything. Also, there’s a complete history, showing who did what.

Endless emails, large sloppy attachments, six people communicating with a single client; what a headache! That’s why Basecamp is great. Clients aren’t overwhelmed. The user interface inside Basecamp is effective, well-designed, easy-to-use and manageable for clients. It streamlines the entire operation in an organized fashion – everybody wins. And when your project has been executed and deemed done, it is archived for future reference.

At Command C, we simultaneously manage multiple large-scale website development projects. This is no easy task, but we have to credit Basecamp for helping us keep everything (and everyone) organized. This great tool ranges from $30 to $150 per month, providing difference elements with each package. It’s pay as you go and there are no contracts. There’s also a free 60-day trial to get you started and see if it works for you.

All images used in this post are courtesy of Basecamp.com

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