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Communication is Key to Successful Web Design

By: Joshua Bolt


We all love getting to the final result. But when working with a website development and design company, how do you get impressive final results that shine? Command C Founder, Sara Bacon, tells us it’s all about using effective communication,

“We focus so heavily on communication because we’ve found it to be the number one determining factor in a successful project. If the communication isn’t happening, it’s pretty much a guaranteed problem. One of the things I love about design is that it offers us the opportunity to learn so much about so many different things. That said, to be successful at it, we really have to have a clear idea of each businesses goals and goals of their website. For us to get knee-deep into your business and really understand what’s important to you, we have to communicate… a lot.”

Here are three simple steps to enhancing communication leading you to your dream result:

Step 1: Make Friends

Harnessing a healthy relationship is extremely purposeful. By doing this, you gain respect, set boundaries and explore eachothers work styles. Communication is easier when you know who you’re dealing with.

Step 2: Ask Questions

You’ve heard it said, “No such thing as a dumb question”, and it’s true. If you’re wondering, ASK! Good communication is all about clearing up the unknown.

Step 3: Be Honest

Everyone needs to be on the same page, so share what’s on your mind. It’s impossible for everyone to know everything. Communicating honest feedback and ideas addresses concern and many times, leads to more conversation.

And there you have it. Honest, clear communication never hurts and more often then not, it betters your results. Bacon closed by saying,

“A healthy client/agency relationship lends itself to efficiency for both parties and ease of communication, benefiting all of the aforementioned points. Plus, it makes things fun. And most of all we want to enjoy what we do. It makes us do better work.”

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