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Need Tech Support After Hurricane Sandy?

By: Mary Barbour

No matter what people try to say about New Yorkers, residents of this city know the importance of helping each other out, especially in hard times. Hurricane Sandy tore up much of the Northeastern coastline and has left many people in need of help. I feel so inspired every time I glance at Twitter and Facebook and see the newsfeeds buzzing with info on volunteer opportunities from both individuals and big organizations. If you haven’t already, hop on Twitter and search #sandy to see for yourself.

In addition to the thousands of folks who continue to donate money, food, blood, supplies, water and medical help, the generosity extends even further, to people who might be in danger of a more gradual harm to their income and well-being. Companies are now offering free tech support to small businesses who are hurting from a week or more of power outages, flooding, or an inability to get to work due to transit problems. Big money corporations tend to bounce back pretty easily, but a setback like this can cause a lot of strife for small startups or Mom and Pop shops.

If you have a small business that was affected by the storm, fill out this form. It will help the NY Tech Meetup and affiliated companies figure out how many companies are in need of help and how to best offer their assistance to you.

Alternatively, if you have a business that is still thriving (and we hope it is!) and you’d be interested in donating tech help to others out there who weren’t so lucky, you can fill out this form┬áto offer help.

Wishing all those affected a speedy recovery. (Oh, and don’t forget to vote!)

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