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Magento: eCommerce on Steroids

By: Mary Barbour


Magento is one of the eCommerce platforms we like best. What do we like about it? For one, it’s amazingly customizable, which is kind of our shtick. It’s a super robust, open source software, which basically means the sky is the limit as far as what you want it to look like and accomplish – it’s also embedded with mobile optimization for making your eStore mobile ready. Magento’s multi-store checkout allows you to host several different sites/stores on one Magento installation, with a single checkout. (Check out GAP’s site for a great example of this).

Shipping can also be seemlessly integrated, which is great for companies that have hefty distribution needs.

Magento, like WP, is an open source software – offering you a set of files to download which you can tweak and add in custom plugins, etc. It’s very open ended, which means it can also get super complex. It’s not the simplest platform for a non-web geek to install, but once you’ve got it up and running, the admin tool is incredibly extensive and easy to use.

If your company does a high-volume of sales, has many different products, wants a marketplace to handle shipping, etc., Magento is the perfect choice. But for smaller companies with less advanced needs, it might make sense to go with a simpler software like Shopify or MarketPress. Check back next week for more info on these.

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