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Why WordPress?

By: Mary Barbour

Tens of thousands of people sign up for WordPress each day making it the world’s most popular blogging platform with over 50 million users. Not only is WordPress easy to use and highly customizable, but because it’s an open source platform with such a large developer community, there’s an infinite amount of possibility in terms of both existing and customized plugins that can be built to tailor your site to do, well, basically, whatever the hell you want. Here are a few reasons why we use WordPress, and think it’s so tight:

1.  Wordpress has the largest and fastest growing community.
This equation is pretty simple: the more people using a platform, the more market opportunity to build plugins and the people testing them – the more room to create new and custom experiences and the quicker, faster resolution of bugs. WordPress has such a large community, it makes it incredibly simple and fast to use and to find solutions if you encounter a problem.

2. WordPress has the most plugins.
One of the great things about WordPress is that it was built with this community spirit in mind (and you know how we feel about community). As the amount of people using WordPress exploded, more and more demands were put on the developers to make it do more and more things. At the same time, many independent software developers, tired of waiting for the improvements they needed, stepped-forward to create the things they wanted themselves. It was easy for developers to write a new function and just plug it in to the main software. These plugins were then placed online to be freely downloaded by anyone who needed them – who could then “plug them in” to their own websites.

WordPress has plugins to perform almost anything you can think of:

  • Shopping carts
  • Calendars
  • Online booking systems
  • Playing video and audio files
  • Complex Registration forms

Check out some great plugins here.

3. Big organizations and corporations (with BIG budgets) use WordPress too.
WordPress is not just used by small businesses trying to cut costs. It is also used by some of the worlds largest organizations and corporations.

To mention just a few…

4. Flexibility and Versatility.
WordPress is good for anyone from independent musicians to news publications to architects to art dealers. One of the most common questions people ask is – “can I make an ecommerce store WordPress?”. Yes, with WordPress you can have a fully functional web store. WordPress can handle:

  • Real products
  • Digital / downloadable products
  • Tickets / event registration
  • Subscription / site access services
  • Real time shipping integration
  • Payment gateway integration
  • Product variations (colors, sizes, types, costs, etc…)
  • Quickbooks integration
  • Custom fields / product types
  • Pricing levels
  • Stock management
  • Social Media Integration
  • and more! (as us)

5. WordPress is the most user friendly.
We take on clients with all different levels of tech-savviness. WordPress is great because it’s complex enough to satisfy super-techy folks and simple enough to not confuse people who aren’t. Everything about WordPress is more user-friendly than competing content management systems. Creating and updating pages and managing content is super easy – seriously, anyone can do it. Not only that, the folks behind WordPress consider the administrative interface high priority, so with each upgrade of the software, you can pretty much guarantee and upgrade to the admin side of things.

In short, everything about using WordPress is easy. And we like making things easy.

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