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Interview with Tiffany, Part 2: Yes. (As opposed to Yes! or Yes?)

By: Mary Barbour

Today we find out which designers our Lead Developer, Tiffany, admires and what is so special about them.  She also accomplishes the daunting task of describing her philosophy on web design with ONE single word.  (Fellow designers, what would YOUR motto be?)


Mary: Which other designers do you really admire?  What types of things draw you to their work?


Tiffany:  Here are just a few, big guys and small guys.

  • Just about everything Happy Cog puts out is beautiful.
  • Mark Boulton Design is building web things for CERN. (Yes, that CERN. ) If I knew nothing else about them, that would be enough to make this list.
  • Noah Stokes is one clever dude.
  • I saw Dan Mall speak once and have enjoyed checking in on his work from time to time since.
  • Jessica Hische impresses the crap out of me by knowing how to do so many really hard things really well. And for teen girl mode, which I’m convinced is what most of my family thinks I do for a living.

Collectively, the work is gorgeous, simple, useful, all around pleasing, but it’s only half the story. These folks have personality. They have passion for their work, but don’t take themselves too seriously. They share things with the world. That kind of authenticity makes them wonderful designers. It probably makes them wonderful people too.

Mary: If you had to choose a motto for your work, what would it be?

Tiffany:  “Yes.” I spent several hours of heated internal debate trying to decide whether to use a period (too boring?) or an exclamation point (too gimmicky?). For a terrifying 3 seconds, I considered a question mark. (“I’m Ron Burgundy?”) But, yes-with-a-period is my motto.

Almost every day I am required to do or use something I have never done or used before. Everything I have ever built is something that no one else has ever built before, at least, not in the exact same way that I’m building it. So you see, for all values of x, when asked, “Can x be done?” I must bravely answer “Yes.” or I’d be paralyzed by fear of the unknown and never even start.  And you thought writing code was a boring job.


Come back to the blog tomorrow to find out the pros and cons of design work (and why it’s one of the coolest jobs in the world).

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