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Your Website is a Communication Ecosystem

By: Mary Barbour

Does your website operate as its own, self-sufficient communication ecosystem?

Each component of your site (Design, Development and Content) should complement and enhance each other. Just like an ecosystem, nothing exists completely independently. Design should strengthen identity and also ensure that content remains accessible. Your content should support your key business objectives without sacrificing a friendly user experience.

In this post, we’ll talk specifically about language, and the function it serves in creating an effective website. Language is a critical factor that is far too often overlooked. Being that building a solid website isn’t the most inexpensive endeavor, many business owners forego hiring a content strategist or copywriter because this seems like the easiest thing to do themselves. Why not save a couple bucks? After all, who has better knowledge of a company’s goals than the people who created it?

Unfortunately, business knowledge doesn’t always translate into truly effective communication. Ideally, every single piece of content on your site will have two purposes: 1. to support the ecosystem by being clear, readable, and understandable and 2. to use keywords in order to make your site findable and shareable.

Search engines don’t pick up metatag keywords anymore! Their findings are a result of words that actually appear within your site, and the placement and order in which they appear. This means that the the language you are using in your content is of utmost importance in terms of searches. Finding ways to cleverly phrase text in order to bring searchable words to the forefront, without sacrificing eloquence and articulation is not an easy thing to do!

Our point is: don’t skimp on copywriting and content strategy. These days, the web is the primary source for conveying information about your business, as well as generating income, and you want to be certain that you’re optimizing its effectiveness in every possible way. You’ve probably gotten frustrated before in trying to find a particular company or service, and ended up just using one that kept popping up in your search. With the immense over-saturation of information on the web, the best businesses often get overlooked simply because they aren’t easy to find. Are you doing everything possible to make sure your site stands out from the rest?

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