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The Right Time to Redesign

By: Commandc

People ask me all the time how to know when the timing is right for a redesign. Throughout the years, I’ve noticed a few common denominators that can be used as a litmus to know when the timing is right to redesign your website.

1. Your target audience has changed.
Businesses evolve. Or at least they should. Often times a few years go by and our audience changes. Your website should be consistent with who you’re marketing towards.

2. Your brand identity has changed/the look of your site is outdated.
Again, a healthy business should constantly be growing and changing. Technology evolves. Your competition is at your heels. The way your site looked three years ago may not reflect who you are today. As business owners we have got to continuously be taking inventory of every aspect of our business. We need to step back and look at the big picture stuff. Good design is good business.

3. People can’t find the information they’re looking for on your existing site.
Your website needs to serve its purpose. It should both reflect your brand identity and provide useful information to your customers. It’s imperative to make sure the information on your site is easily accessible. If it’s not, you might be ready for a redesign.

4. You can’t update your content on your own or without having a panic attack.
Fresh content is nourishment for a website. Even if everything else is in order, sometimes rebuilding your site with a CMS (content management system) that easily allows you to update your own content might be worth the plunge. Let us not forget that we have both new and existing customers to engage. New content is the best way to keep existing customers coming back and shows potential customers that you’re active.

5.) Your information hierarchy is out of wack.
Does your website emphasize content that’s not as important as it used to be? Does it guide users to where you want them to go? Is it missing crucial information? Missing information is a common reason businesses decide it’s time for a redesign.

If you have questions about whether or not you’re at the point of redesign, feel free to reach out–I’m always happy to discuss this sort of thing. Rebuilding a website can make an enormous difference in your business. I want to make sure you’re prepared.

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