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  • Holiday Planning for Ecommerce Stores: A Project Manager’s Perspective

    At Command C, we’re careful to continuously remind ourselves that we are not the typical users of the sites we maintain and build. But one experience we do share with your customers – and you – is that of holiday shopping. When planning your holiday season website strategy, put yourselves in your customers’ shoes. What are the pitfalls you’ve experienced shopping on other sites? How can you make holiday shopping seamless and enjoyable? And most importantly, how can you deliver 100% on your customers’ expectations so you’re not seen as the grinch?  While you’re focusing on your customers’ needs for the holidays, let us focus on yours. Image credit: Custora As a Project Manager at Command C, I work with clients, developers, designers, and third parties to make sure we’re able to …

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  • Is your site optimized to make the most of the holiday rush?

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