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  • ECommerce Website Consideration: Design for Drunks

    When was the last time you saw a drunk shopper at the mall? It’s not common to see tipsy people with shopping bags in hand, but the privacy of online shopping allows for this indulgence. “I would stand in front of tents in the store and eventually think ‘No way. Camping? With two kids, one of whom never sleeps?’” explained Kelly Doherty, a blogger and entrepreneur based in North Carolina. “I threw back some beer one night and suddenly camping was the BEST IDEA EVER. I went online and bought a huge tent and two very nice blow up mattresses.” Though Doherty surprised her husband with the purchase, she adds that she got a killer deal. “Even a cheap beer buzz doesn’t kill my online shopping mojo,” Doherty said. She’s among a …

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  • Featured Ebook: Top Reasons for Cart Abandonment

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